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Zinfandel Wine Pairing Recipes

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The Best Recipes to Pair with Zinfandel Allrecipes
    Jul 01, 2015 · Indian Tadoori Chicken. Jimmy's Mexican Pizza. Taco Lasagna. Meatloaf With a Bite. When picking out a Zinfandel to pair with dinner, take a peek at the wine's alcohol level. Too much alcohol can sometimes make a wine less food friendly, particularly when paired with spicy foods.

Zinfandel Pairings Food & Wine
    Mar 11, 2015 · Zinfandel pairing recipes, including a streamlined red and Indian-spiced short ribs. ... Finding a wine pairing for such a complex dish, however, is a challenge. "It needs a very aromatic wine ...

Zinfandelic Zinfandel Wine Pairings and Food Recipes
    Zinfandel: The ultimate food wine. All Recipes Appetizers Main Dishes Side Dishes. Lamb Meatballs. Pair with Sierra Foothills Old Vine Zinfandel. Lamb Picadillo Tacos. Pair with Lodi Zinfandel. Bacon-Wrapped Roasted Figs. Pair with Lodi Zinfandel. Barbecue Pork.

Zinfandel Food Pairing Ideas - Your Site for Wine ...
    Apr 03, 2013 · Look for the following types of food pairings when enjoying a Zinfandel: Grilled Steak Beef is a natural food pairing for Zinfandel. Zin can stand up to the strong taste of beef and is even complimented strong seasonings because of its spicy flavor. Follow some of these tips for a perfect grilled steak to pair with a Zinfandel…

Zinfandelic Zinfandel Wine Pairings and Food Recipes
    Balance the flavors of the wine and cheese. Pair a lighter Zinfandel with milder cheeses, and complement a full-bodied Zinfandel with stronger cheeses. Cheddars (Mild, Sharp and/or Smoked) Aged or Smoked Gouda Asiago Mozzarella Brie Gruyere

Small Hours Zinfandel Pairings Traveling Vineyard
    Pair. Sip. It’s that easy to find the right food to complement your Traveling Vineyard wine anytime, from anywhere. Let’s pair! Featured Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. View. Small Hours Zinfandel.

Pairing Zinfandel with Food - International Wine Review
    Lamb chops with Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce would probably pair best with a red fruity Zinfandel. Lamb Burgers pair well with the medium-bodied Zinfandel as do Lamb Stew and Lamb Shepherd’s Pie. One of the more exciting dishes to pair with Zinfandel is …

Guide to Zinfandel Wine and How To Find Great Quality ...
    Oct 22, 2013 · The spicing and savory-sweet quality of this dish make it a perfect wine pairing partner with Zinfandel. Pork Katsu Curry. A Japanese curry spiced dish perfect with Zinfandel.

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