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Yellowglen Always Sparkling Australia's Most Popular ...
    The Social Butterfly Of Australian Wine, Yellowglen Is Naturally Inquisitive, Innovative And Keen To Embrace New Trends And Finesse Sparkling Styles. The Pop Of The Yellowglen Cork Has Been Part Of Generations Of Celebrations, From Everyday …

Yellowglen About Australia's Most Popular Sparkling ...
    It was in 1971 that Ian planted vines across 12 acres of the original Yellowglen site that was located at Smythesdale, 18km south west of Ballarat, Victoria. His brand was named Yellowglen in honour of the abandoned gold mine, which had been established on the property in 1858.

Yellowglen Wine Genius
    The 1987 wine is made from pinot noir grown at Yellowglen’s own chilly vineyard at Smythesdale, near Ballarat in western Victoria, Yarra Valley and Ararat pinot noit, with some chardonnay from the north-western Victorian river regions.

    THE HISTORY OF YELLOWGLEN TIMELINE 1971 • • • • • • • Australia’s most successful and prestigious sparkling wine venture was established in 1971 as a hobby by Ballarat businessman Ian Home. The Yellowglen vineyard at Smythesdale, 18km south west of Ballarat was originally planted to red grape varieties destined for table wine ...

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    In 1971, he planted 12 acres at “Yellowglen”, a site at Smythesdale, around 20 kilometres to the south-west of Ballarat in Victoria. The property (and the wine) was called ‘Yellowglen’ as a tribute to an old, abandoned gold mine, originally dug back in the 1850s, on that very property.

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    The Ballarat district is renowned for its chardonnay, pinot noir and its sparkling wines – Ballarat is home to Yellowglen Vineyards. Just 30 minutes down the road is the Pyrenees wine region – well worth a day trip or even a longer stay. Terrific food and local wines, and a great place to explore.

Ballarat wineries: Yellowglen, Appellation, Eastern Peake ...
    May 09, 2016 · Now, 150 years later, I could mimic Ward by writing that it may surprise many that at Smythesdale, just to the southwest of Ballarat, Melbourne businessman and bon vivant Ian Home established Yellowglen in 1971. (It was acquired by Mildara in 1984 and moved to Merbein.)Author: James Halliday

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    • Original home of Yellowglen Winery. • Located just 12 minutes from Ballarat’s new growth area, Ballarat West. Providing education, sporting facilities, community facilities and major retail. Contact us. For further information on this project, please contact: Peter Vassallo Mobile:0418 322 737 ...

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