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Tutorial X-DSL (Damb Small Linux) Se7enSins Gaming Community
    Jul 03, 2019 · Doubleclick 'xwine.dsl'. INSTALLING A WINDOWS GAME 8. After you've done the above steps, take the Windows game cd of your choice and, if you don't know allready, check where the install executable is located on the cd and what it's called by exploring it's content with your pc. Usually it's called 'SETUP.EXE' or 'INSTALL.EXE'.

Apps :: xwine.dsl
    Damn Small Linux Board - xwine.dsl - windows emulator

Compiling Wine with DSL? -
    Sep 04, 2008 · However, after asking about compiling wine under DSL I downloaded QEMU when I had time and ran Xubuntu under a virtual drive so I would have space to compile Wine. It worked! Thanks for helping though. I'll probably be back here with another question soon if …

how do you get wine working on damn small linux
    wine for dsl without apt-get ... Click here for important information about Linux ALL How-tos Win 10 Win 8 Win 7 Win XP Win Vista Win 95/98 Win NT Win Me Win 2000 Win 2012 Win 2008 Win 2003 Win 3.1 E-Home Office PC Games Con Games Drivers Linux Websites E-Photo Hardware Security Coding PDAs Networks iPhone Android Database CPUs ...

Digital subscriber line - Wikipedia
    Digital subscriber line (DSL; originally digital subscriber loop) is a family of technologies that are used to transmit digital data over telephone lines.In telecommunications marketing, the term DSL is widely understood to mean asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), the most commonly installed DSL technology, for Internet access.. DSL service can be delivered simultaneously with wired ...

DSL-N :: can't gett WINE working - Damn Small Linux
    When I try to load the file wine-0.9.28.dsl from my DSL-N linux running computer using mydsl-load wine-0.9.28.dsl and then I enter wine "program name " , I get funny messages (probably debuging information). I cannot run the winecfg program too. also it keeps saying "wine: glibc >= 2.3 without NPTL or TLS is not a supported combination.

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How DSL Works HowStuffWorks
    DSL is a very high-speed connection that uses the same wires as a regular telephone line. Here are some advantages of DSL: You can leave your Internet connection open and still use the phone line for voice calls. The speed is much higher than a regular modem - Vína, ktoré si zamilujete
    Xwine - vína, ktoré si zamilujete. 045/5321 771 Pondelok - Piatok 08:00 - 16:00. Prihlásenie Celkom s DPH: 0,00 € Vymazať Košík ...

Unofficial optional for DamnSmallLinux
    emovix-0.9.dsl needed by movixmaker but no movixmaker.dsl.....only debs yet md5: teamspeak2_client_rc2_2032.dsl voice communication over the net (tested on amd k6-2 and k6-3. On amd athlon 800 the voice speed is too fast. Not working on pentium 1 233) info md5: teamspeak_server-2rc2.dsl server for teamspeak-2rc2.dsl info md5: eciadsl-usermode-0.11-ver2.dsl driver for …

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