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Pitruzzello Estate

I had to think long and hard about this place and let me explain why. Not every restaurant is aiming to be a three chef hat establishment because some people aren’t foodies and don’t care about fancy meals. Their local Chinese restaurant and a good pub meal is what they enjoy. Nor is every winery catering for the wine sniffing, I just have to put this photo of my meal on Facebook, person. (Sadly I am one of them) Each place has its…… well its own place. The large menu at Pitruzzello offers good quality pub fare, with friendly attentive service that could not be faulted. The wines, about seven in total included a “Sweet Red” and a “Sweet White”.
Would I recommend a visit to Pitruzzello? If you love a good pub meal and the idea that two of the wines are called sweet, or you are not a discerning wine drinker then you are going to love this place. If however, you are wanting to try some interesting wines and dine on food that is juts made to be paired with wine then no, this is not your place. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of good things at Pitruzzello, like the olive oils that are available for tasting or the good cheese fridge that sits at one end of the counter and the kids menu with a scoop of ice-cream to finish. Just work out which type of person are you and that will tell you if this is the place for you.

Open hours

Day of Week Cellar Door Restaurant
Wednesday 9am – 5pm Lunch
Thursday 9am – 5pm Lunch
Friday 9am – 5pm Lunch
Saturday 9am – 5pm Lunch, Dinner
Sunday 9am – 5pm Lunch


Pitruzzello Estate

25 Deverall Rd, Sunbury, VIC


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