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Uninstalling Wine Applications

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How to uninstall WINE applications – WebSetNet
    Aug 05, 2020 · WINE uninstaller. On the command line, just type this: wine uninstaller. This will launch an Add/Remove applet similar to what you get in Windows, which will list your installed WINE programs. The name and the invocation are definitely not intuitive. Henceforth, the actions are simple. Wait! There's WINE 64-bit too! Indeed.

Wine uninstall instructions for Mac & Linux
    Then you can open with [Ctrl] + [T] a Terminal window and type the command "sudo rm -r ~/.wine /usr/bin/wine /usr/lib/wine /usr/share/wine ~/.local/share/applications/wine*" a. Confirm with the [Enter] button and your password to remove the program …

How to uninstall WINE applications Wilders Security Forums
    Apr 29, 2019 · How to uninstall WINE applications. Discussion in 'all things UNIX' started by Mrkvonic, Apr 29, 2019. Mrkvonic Linux Systems Expert. Joined: May 9, 2005 Posts: 9,907.

Delete "configure wine" and "uninstall wine software ...
    Dec 15, 2015 · Delete them by typing the following commands in the terminal sudo rm wine-winecfg.desktop sudo rm wine-uninstaller.desktop sudo rm wine-notepad.desktop sudo rm wine.desktop. Please subscribe to my...Author: Naiwik Tech

How to uninstall wine? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
    How to completely remove wine?I tried. sudo apt-get purge wine sudo apt-get autoremove sudo apt-get clean sudo apt-get install -f rm -r ~/.wine rm -r ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programms rm -rf ~/.local/share/applications/wine*.

How to install and uninstall WineHQ on Linux: Run windows ...
    May 05, 2020 · Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) allows running Microsoft Windows application on Unix-like operating systems. WineHQ version 5.7 was launched on the 24th of April, 2020, and comes with a bucketful of cool features and improvements to enhance your experience when running Windows application and games on the Linux platform.

Install and uninstall a Windows Program in Linux using Wine
    Feb 19, 2012 · A quick tutorial on installing and uninstalling a Windows program in Ubuntu Linux using Wine. Find more about using Linux at: http://danscourses.comAuthor: danscourses

Wine - Community Help Wiki
    Nov 27, 2019 · In the line that appears, type in wine, then click Add, and Close. Now all .exe files will be automatically opened by Wine, so you can use Nautilus to browse and open them instead of the Wine File. Uninstalling Wine Applications. Open up a terminal window and type the command below. wine …

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