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Terminology Of Wine Tasting

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Glossary of Wine Tasting Terms And Their Meaning
    2 days ago · Oaky- A wine that imparts a noticeable perception of oak barrels when it is aged. This term denotes the smell of vanilla, baking spices, dill with a creamy body and a toasted flavor. Open- This tasting term signifies a wine that is ready to drink. Opulent- This word describes the style of wine with a sensuous texture that is rich, bold and smooth.

20 Essential Wine Tasting Terms - Jean Leon
    May 16, 2017 · Given the broad reach of the industry, we’re going to divide the terms into categories. Let’s start with enology, specifically the area that is directly related to wine tasting. To begin with, wine tasting is a sensory process that involves all of our senses: sight, smell, taste and, above all, common sense.

A Glossary of Wine-Tasting Terms - Hernder Estate Wines
    A Glossary of Wine-Tasting Terms. To communicate the characteristics of a wine to someone else & to define particular meanings, most wine enthusiasts share a universal language of recognizable terms: Acetic A defect in wine that has been exposed to air; smells and tastes like vinegar.

The Language of Wine: A Glossary of Key Terms on Wine
    Aug 25, 2017 · Palate: This refers to how the wine tastes on different sections of the tongue. Round: Describes wine that has an extremely smooth texture. Soft: Wine with enough sugar to dominate acidity and tannin levels, therefore stripping it of any hardness or harshness. Spicy: The aroma or flavour of spice found in a wine.

Glossary of Wine Terminology The Ultimate Wine Dictionary
    texture — a tasting term describing how wine feels on the palate. typicity — a tasting term that describes how well a wine expresses the characteristics inherent to the variety of grape. ullage — the empty space left in bottles and barrels as a wine evaporates

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