If there was ever a state that was famous both domestically and internationally for wine producing then South Australia has to be it. Many would associate the wines of SA to be big bold juicy reds particularly Shiraz, Cabernet and Grenache from regions with warm climates. There are those lip smackingly good drops but there are a whole lot of other regions scattered across the state with cool climates that showcase the best of elegant slow ripening wines like the amazing Rieslings.

Adelaide, know as the city of churches has front row tickets to the best wine regions in the world with many easily accessible for a lazy day trip either under or just over an hours drive away.

South Australia is the workhorse as far as wine production goes and is responsible for almost 50% of Australia’s annual output with some of the oldest vines in the country. The good news does not stop there, as the winery cellar doors as we have discovered are in abundance in many of the regions from the big players to the small, each offering a unique experience and a sampling of their magnificent wines, which can often be matched with a cheese or produce platter or even a meal at one of the many winery café/restaurants.

Jump on a plane head to Adelaide then start your wine adventure in SA. Its easy affordable and your soul will be ever so glad.