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Old Greek Wine Flask Called

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Word for greek wine flask? - Answers
    What is another name for a greek wine flask? ... .Ancient Greek lacked the word for the colour blue and Homer called the colour of the sea 'Wine Coloured'. _____ The above answer is wrong.

Ancient wine jug, 4 letter, crossword
    Ancient wine jug. Else clues. • Ancient Greek flask. • Ancient leather flask. • Ancient wine flask. • Flask for Pericles. • Greek flask. • Greek leather flask (anagram of POLE) • Greek oil-flask.

krater Definition, History, & Facts Britannica
    Krater, also spelled crater, ancient Greek vessel used for diluting wine with water. It usually stood on a tripod in the dining room, where wine was mixed. Kraters were made of metal or pottery and were often painted or elaborately ornamented.

The History of Wine Containers - The Academic Wino
    Jul 23, 2014 · Wine Amphoras in the Ancient Greek Trade by Carolyn G. Koehler Whereas the Romans called their large earthenware jars, dolium, the Greeks named them pithoi. With the exception of Campania in Italy, the Greeks were more masterful at the art of pottery than the Romans.

What is a four letter word for a Greek flask? - Answers
    made is a 4 letter word. -.-" I don't mean to sound rude, but, made is a four letter word and the only four letter word with the four letter word 'MADE' in it is made.

The History of the Pocket Flask - Thrillist
    Nov 04, 2016 · The word “flask” originated at some point between the mid-1300s to the mid-1500s, and likely derived from the medieval Latin flasco (meaning container or bottle)—but that ancient flask was ...

Ancient Greece and wine - Wikipedia
    In Minoan culture of the mid-second millennium BC, wine and the sacred bull were linked in the form of the horn-shaped drinking cups called rhyta; the name of Oinops (Greek: οἶνοψ, "wine-colored") is twice attested in Linear B tablets at Knossos and repeated twice in Homer.

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