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    Surrounding the region of Priorat on all sides ... Surrounding the region of Priorat on all sides, Montsant shares much in common with its neighbor. Though its soils contain less schist than that of Priorat, its old Garnacha and Carinena vineyards produce wines of similar intensity and character. Grenache from Montsant, Spain.4.7/5(7)

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    The white wines of Montsant stand out against its other wines, thanks to their silkiness. Wines made with varieties such as Macabeo and White Grenache, with individual taste profiles and elegant, subtle aromas. Warm young whites and barrel fermented wines with longer bottle lives.

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    26 rows · Oct 11, 2020 · Montsant is a wine region in Catalonia, northern Spain. The gently …

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    Some of the best reds and the best sweet wines are being made in Montsant, with Spain’s top wine critic giving two wines from the region in his “exceptional wine” category. DO Montsant has a strong export element, with the wines now distributed to over 30 countries worldwide. DO Montsant is one of the few regions in Catalunya where Kosher wine is produced, with Celler de Capçanes being the most well known. The authorised varieties are as follows: White Wines

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    Dec 11, 2017 · The wine which logged Montsant in the global memory bank was the pure-Garnatxa Espectacle, whose first vintage came in 2004. René Barbier of Clos Mogador heard about a vineyard for sale in la Serra de La Figuera in Montsant. He went to see it.

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    Garnatxa (Grenache) is the most planted grape, producing rich, full-bodied, high alcohol wine. White wine production in Montsant is minimal, and is often made up of a blend of different grapes. Grenache Blanc is a popular base grape, producing wines with elegant aromas and a fuller body.

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    Montsant is a wine region in Catalonia, northern Spain. The gently undulating area was formerly categorized as a viticultural sub-zone of Tarragona, but local growers felt the high-altitude vineyards here earned the region recognition as a DO in their own right. As a result, the Montsant DO was c...90%(89)

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    We seek to convey all the individuality, history, landscape and personality of Montsant. The philosophy is clear: acoustic wines, vineyard wines, unique wines, pure wines, imperfect wines, “unplugged”, non-cosmetic wines, based on the strength and uniqueness of the old vines.

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