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Set up a Wine Tap System for Home Dispensing The ...
    “Draft wine” is wine that has been kegged and then served from the tap instead of the bottle. There are a few benefits to using wine kegs for home storage and consumption. Learn how to setup an efficient wine tap system for home use and discover the benefits of draft wine …5/5(1)

Kegging Wine - Home -
    Kegs in home winemaking First of all, a Cornelius (or “Corny”) keg can serve as both a storage vessel and serving container for wine (sparkling or still). Serving wine from a beer tap may lack the romance of pulling a cork, but filling one Cornelius keg is much easier than filling and corking twenty-five standard (750 mL) wine …

Kegerators at - Lowe's Home Improvement
    EdgeStar Half-barrel Keg Stainless Steel Digital Built-In/Freestanding Residential Kegerator. Serve up cold draft beer in the comfort of your own home using the EdgeStar full size dual tap built-in outdoor Kegerator. In order to withstand harsh outdoor elements, this kegerator is fully reinforced with a durable stainless steel-wrapped cabinet, and is electrically rated and safety approved for ...

Wine on Tap: Wine Dispensing Systems - KegWorks
    Wine can be kept in sixtels or from a Cornelius keg if its home brewed. Assuming the wine you're serving is still, or non-carbonated, both a Nitrogen gas tank and Nitrogen regulator are used. However, a standard draft faucet is used in any wine tap system.

Free Flow Wines – Saving the World One Keg at a Time
    “Our keg wine program allows for us to offer quality wines by the glass with zero-waste to the landfills. Every glass we serve is fresh and free from oxidation and at a …

Buy Wine By The Keg - Simplemost
    May 21, 2018 · Each keg runs $240, which is a bit pricey — but keep in mind that one keg is the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine! I’ll do the math for you: This means one keg will give you 26 bottles of wine ...Author: Augusta Statz

Keg and Cellar - Beer and Wine, Tasting Room
    Keg and Cellar. 5844 Reidville Road, Moore, South Carolina 29369, United States. 864-485-3131

The Keg Guys – #1 Keg Delivery Service
    Budweiser Keg – 15.5Gal. $119.99. Stella Artois Keg – 13.2Gal. $179.99. Artifex brewing Trigger Finger IPA Keg – 5Gal. $99.99. Second Chance Clever Seize The IPA – …

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