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Kefalonian Wines

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Wines of Kefalonia Greece and Grapes
    The top wine of the island is PDO Robola of Cephalonia. This famous variety is, mainly, cultivated in the southern and central part of the island, on a 3,000 acre vineyard stretching, reaching a height of 800 meter heights. The plants are planted literally on stone, hence the name Vino di Sasso (wine of stone) given by the Venetians to Robola.

Wines of Kefalonia
    The wines have delicacy, fine aroma and good length. Although they are comparatively expensive, the enthusiast should endeavour to try at least one bottle. Tours of the winery, including tastings, are held in the early evening from June to September on selected …

Petrakopoulos Wines Kefalonia
    With a vision of showcasing the wealth of Kefalonian grape and vine diversity, we create unique, high quality wines from the valuable local varieties and from charismatic vineyards of the island. With organic practices and handcrafted processes, we offer a rare collection of young and aged wines in a limited number of bottles.

A guide to the vineyards and wineries of Kefalonia ...
    May 29, 2019 · Domaine Foivos is an estate located in the peninsula of Paliki and is a fantastic producer of Kefalonian wines that should certainly be included on your holiday to-do list. Creating quality wines and run by a staff of land workers, winegrowers, and winemaking technicians, Domaine Foivos has an insistence on respect for the local environment and ...Author: Olympic Holidays

The famous wine of Kefalonia
    Besides Robola, Kefalonia produces two varieties of Controlled Designation of Origin, Mavrodaphne and Muscat of Kefalonia. Other wines produced on the island are those of Vostilidi, Zakynthino, Tsaoussi and Moschatella. There are quite a few local wineries which are open to the audience year round.

The wines of Kefalonia LifeThink.Travel
    Kefalonian wines are among the most sought after in Greece for their fine quality and excellent taste. According to Homer, the wines were already well- known at the time of Trojan wars, hence the local experience in the art of wine- making derives from the ancient times.

Our Wines – Petrakopoulos Wines Kefalonia
    Our Wines. 01. The expression of Robola. Robola Classic Thymari Petras Palia Armakia. LEARN MORE. 02. The expression of Zakynthino. Gold Zakynthino Orange Zakynthino Melitino. LEARN MORE.

The Winery Sarris Winery Kefalonia
    Sarris Winery is located in the south-west part of Kefalonia, very close to Avithos beach in the area of Svoronata, 10 km from the island’s capital, Argostoli and close to the island’s Airport.

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