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Inkerman Ukraine Wine

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Line of TM INKERMAN wines produced by LLC INKERMAN …
    INKERMAN RESERVE COLLECTION is a premium collection of high-quality wines aged in oak casks, the style and organoleptics of which will be a pleasant surprise even for the hardest-to-please wine connoisseurs. COLLECTION PRIMA MARIA INKERMAN Prima Maria Inkerman Collection was inspired by the works of famous Ukrainian artist Maria Primachenko.

TM INKERMAN: traditions of winemaking handed down by LLC ...
    Official website of LLC INKERMAN UKRAINE is the best place where you can learn all about wine produced by TM INKERMAN - red, white, dessert, sparkling and other wine collections, news, technologies, history of winemaking - we have no secrets from you!

Classic wine collection - INKERMAN
    This is the Classic Wine collection that is the key and primary one for LLC INKERMAN UKRAINE. After all, dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and dessert wines produced following classical standards have won the love and recognition of TM INKERMAN fans.

Collection of sparkling wines TM INKERMAN from LLC ...
    Delicate aroma and refreshing taste, harmony and balance are the main advantages of sparkling wines collection from LLC INKERMAN UKRAINE. After all, we produce semi-sweet white, Muscat, Rosé and brut wines from TM INKERMAN based only on initial fraction of grape juice.

ТМ INKERMAN: традиції виноробства від ТОВ «ІНКЕРМАН ...
    Офіційний сайт ТОВ «ІНКЕРМАН УКРАЇНА» - найкраще місце, де ви дізнаєтеся про вино tm inkerman абсолютно все. Колекції червоного, білого, десертного, ігристого та інших вин, новини, технології, історія виноробства - у нас ...

History of LLC INKERMAN UKRAINE Inkerman and TM INKERMAN ...
    In 2014, LLC INKERMAN UKRAINE was established as a subsidiary of Inkerman International AB. Nowadays, LLC INKERMAN UKRAINE produces still and sparkling wines under the Inkerman brand for sale in Ukraine. Still wines are produced in the urban-type settlement of Velykodolynske, and sparkling wines are produced in the city of Odessa.

    In November 2018, Inkerman expanded its range of wines with new collection “House Wine by Inkerman”. The collection includes two positions - white and red semi-sweet wines produced from white and red European grape varieties Inkerman became a partner of pre-auction exhibition and auction conducted by Golden Section auction house 01.10.2018

Inkerman vintage wines. Inkerman wines.
    Inkerman vintage wines and Winery Alkadar - is one of the best wineries in Ukraine and is known in many countries. Inkerman - a harmonious blend of unique wine cellars, ancient traditions of winemaking and wine-makers skill.

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