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George Hendry Wines

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Hendry Ranch Wines - People
    George’s latest innovative cyclotron design was completed in 2008, and he continues to consult for the company he founded. When he wasn't designing cyclotrons, George was usually working on the ranch. Whether growing grapes, making Hendry wines, or designing cyclotrons, …

Hendry Ranch Wines - History
    With the 1970s plantings now well established, and the vineyard on firm financial footing, George began to make wine. The first vintage in the Hendry label was 1992, and included Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel. Over the next 10 years, George sold smaller and smaller quantities, and crushed more for his own wines.

Hendry Wines - The Napa Wine Project
    George’s nephew Mike Hendry has overseen the management of the vineyards since 2001. He also produces very limited production wines under his Mike & Molly Hendry label. Wines + Winemaking Their 22,000 square foot gravity flow winery is state of the art. An intriguing part of the winery …

Hendry Wines ZAP
    All Hendry wines are made only from estate grapes and are crafted to highlight the unique terroir of this very special vineyard. 3104 Redwood Road, Napa, CA 94558. Directions. Directions. 707-226-8320.

Hendry Ranch Wines - Hendry at Home Virtual Tasting Series
    EPISODE 6: HENDRY HISTORY Featuring: Primitivo & Blocks 7&22 Zinfandel. Grab a glass and go back in time with us – to the mid-1850s, when some of Napa’s first vineyards were planted on what is today the Hendry Ranch. As we drink our way through the decades, we will touch on key moments in both Hendry winery …

The Restaurant Guys: Wine
    Jun 09, 2017 · The first fifteen years of his wine making career were spent making his mark, as winemaker at Saintsbury in Carneros. He left Saintsbury in 2001 and has spent the last 16 years making extraordinary Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, both under his …

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