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Flat Twined Bags

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Flat Twined Bags: A Brief Introduction. - Free Online Library
    May 01, 2019 · As an artifact type, flat twined bags are one of the most common items used in, and collected from, the Columbia River Plateau area. Common names for these bags include "soft wallets," "cornhusk bags," and "Nez Perce" bags.

Textile Tuesday: Cornhusk Bag – University of Wisconsin ...
    Sep 09, 2019 · Woven cornhusk bags, also known as “flat twined bags,” are unique to Indigenous groups of the Plateau region, which includes North America west of the Rocky Mountains. People used these bags for food storage in the early 19th century and …Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

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    The flat twined bags have been widely traded to other tribes, such as the Crow and Blackfeet of Montana. Today, the wapanii sapk'ukt, or "twined handbag," is the most popular form of flat twined bags. It is carried with great pride as part of ceremonial regalia, the twined …File Size: 94KB

Flat Twined Bag — EarthWalk NorthWest
    flat twined bag Native people of the Plateau region wove beautiful twined bags using plant materials they gathered from their surroundings. These flat twined bags were used for storing dried foods and other valuables, and later were used as wallets or handbags.

Nez Perce Flat Twined Bags – Object Histories
    Apr 21, 2016 · Flat twined bags, frequently called cornhusk bags, are an art unique to indigenous groups of the Plateau region of North America. The three bags in this exhibition, all from the Denver Art Museum, are attributed to the Nez Perce peoples (who call themselves Nimi’ipuu), and were each acquired in different decades of the twentieth century.Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

Traditional Great Lakes Twined Bags
    Storage bags are often made with a warp-faced plain twine structure, though sometimes warps were transposed or diverted to create designs. These bags were plain or colorful, with colored strips or designs running vertically. Usually bark inner fiber were used to create these bags, the warps being created by either loose fiber or twisted cordage.

Twined Salla Bag — EarthWalk NorthWest
    twined salla bag. Salla bags are soft-sided bags, woven with a unique full-turn twining method long practiced by Native Americans of the mid-Columbia River region. The bags were traditionally used for gathering roots, acorns and medicines. In this class, we continue exploring the techniques of full-turn twining as we create salla bags of our own.

Ethnographic Basketry - Basket, Flat Twined Bag
    Flat twined corn husk bag. Parallel warps, long oval start, Z-twist, plain twining, rightward work direction, outside work face. All dogbane warp and weft, in several different colors. No cotton. Possibly linen or hemp warps, but none is visible. False embroidery in corn husk. The mint green dye is older, may be a natural lichen or mineral dye.

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    This month’s Basketry Intensive Program was a focus on traditions surrounding flat twined bags of the Columbia Plateau Peoples.   Our students gained a new appreciation for the makers of these bags, along with the beauty of dogbane, as they transformed the stalks of these woody plants into soft silken fibers.

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