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Dry White Wine That Starts With M

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Wine Glossary - Words that start with M
    The wine itself is usually vinified dry, and a sweeting agent "mosto cotto (cooked must) is added to give it the distinctive brown color and flavor. Marsanne (mahr-san) A white wine grape of the Rhone Valley, France. It is noticeably earthy and richer than most other white wine grapes. Mataro Another name for the grape Mourvedre (see below). May Wine

Grape Varieties M to N - Wine-Searcher
    Macabeo - Parellada - Xarel-lo. Melnik. Mourisco Tinto. Macabeo (Viura) Melody. Mourvedre (Monastrell) Maceratino. Melomel. Mourvedre - Syrah. - Wine Varietals A-Z
    Champagne or white wine made from white grapes. Blanc de Noirs. White or blush wine or Champagne made from dark grapes. Blush. American term for rosé. Any wine that is pink in color. Boal or Bual. Grown on the island of Madeira, it makes medium-sweet wines. Brunello

A to Z of Champagne and Wine Brands : The Whisky Exchange
    Alphabetical lists of wine, fortified wine and Champagne brands, including household names such as Möet & Chandon, Cristal, Cloudy Bay and Taylor's, to hidden gems such as Agrapart, Quinta do Vesuvio and Gusbourne. A to Z of Champagne. A to Z of Fortified Wine. A to Z of Wine.

12 Types of Dry White Wine LoveToKnow
    Champagne (and sparkling wines outside of France) is also a type of dry white wine. While many Champagnes are dry, the region has its own sweetness classification. Extra Brut is has less than .6 percent residual sugar. Brut contains less than 1.5 percent residual sugar. Extra Sec has 1.2 percent to 2 percent. It is a medium-dry wine.Author: Karen Frazier

A to Z of Wine brands : The Whisky Exchange
    Rum White Golden Dark Spiced/Flavoured Single Rum Modernist Traditional Pot Traditional Column Traditional Blended Blended Rum Modernist Traditionalist Rum By Flavour Cachaca Aguardiente Gin Sloe Gin Flavoured Gin Liqueurs Old Tom Gin London Dry Gin Scottish Gin English Gin World Gin Jenever Tequila Blanco Reposado Añejo Extra Añejo Mezcal Raicilla/Sotol

Wine Brands Total Wine & More
    1 + 1 = 3 1 Uno 10 Span 10,000 Hours Wines 100 Percent 1000 Stories 12 Linajes 13 Celsius 14 Hands 16 x 20 1850 Wine Cellars 1858 19 Crimes 1919 3 Finger Jack 3 Steves 38 Vines 4 Cellars by Little Big Town 4 Kilos 60 Souls 69 Miles 6th Sense 7 Cellars 7 Deadly 7 Moons 7Cellars 9 Lives 90+ Cellars. - Wine Names & Pronunciation Guide
    Margaux (Mar-go) Margaux is a wine growing commune and Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) wi thin Haut -Mé doc in Bor deaux, centered on the village of Margaux. Chateau Margaux is a Classified First Growth in Me doc.

Gewürztraminer - Wikipedia
    Traminer is recorded in Tramin from ca. 1000 until the 16th century. It was spread down the Rhine to Alsace, by way of the Palatinate, where Gewürz (spice) was added to its name – presumably this was when one of the mutations happened. The longer name was first used in Alsace (then under German rule) in the 1870's (.

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