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BYOND Forums - Linux Talk
    Jan 04, 2017 · can't make byond client work. so yeah, no matter what i do, no matter how hard i try, it just doesn't want to work with wine or it works really poorly. 1. Agateophobia Nov 21 2020, 11:09 pm. Svor1988 Dec 6 2020, 9:56 pm . ... I'm running BYOND via Wine/PlayonLinux on my ubuntu machine. I installed all the prerequisites except for ie8 which …

Yes, Byond 512.x + can run on Linux Wine still, and here's ...
    Byond will generally start minimized and you will have a wine taskbar that has the byond icon in it so you can click and open it up. There should be no font glitches, and the byond client should function as it would on windows, except if you go on any stations that have broke IE8 compat (such as the latest tgstation), in which case you can set up "no frills" version of the ui in the character global preferences.

BYOND - Make & Play Online Multiplayer Games - Community
    BYOND: client/server/compiler (stable) [release notes] Windows [513.1542] Runs on XP/Vista/7/8/10; Play great games or create your own! Linux [513.1542] Development/hosting platform only: cannot be used to play games. Host games on dedicated Unix servers. Includes the DreamMaker compiler.

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    >Torrent client >USB drive -Step One-This guide assumes that you are running windows. If this is not the case, skip to Step Three ... feel free to make an email account. We'll use this for byond registration later >Change the login credentials if you want, doesn't matter >Go to the connection manager, add a VPN ... 19.10's wine release will ...

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BYOND Forums - BYOND Help
    Jun 01, 2020 · I've recently re-installed Byond to hopefully fix a small bug in-game where I couldn't pick up items using right click, … 3 Command_Not_Recognized May 3 2020, 8:39 pm

Install WINE on Linux Mint 20 – Linux Hint
    Wine is a computability layer that enables you to install and run Windows programs on Linux systems. Initially, Wine does not support much of Windows applications, but now it supports a large number of Windows applications. Wine is not only supported on Linux but also macOS and FreeBSD. In this article, how to install Wine on Linux Mint OS using two different ways is explained.

BYOND problems which seem to get worse over time. (Could ...
    Im using Student Internet, and there has been one occasion where i couldn't connect to a different client I was using (although that killed my entire internet, where as here it seems just BYOND doesn't work). I don't think it's a wine issue as it was initially working, and when installed on a new OS, it works briefly before reverting back.

What is Byond and how to host games? – Vegeta original website
    Byond can be defined as something similar to Steam for most people that don’t know anything about coding,iconing or hosting,it serves as a program that allows you to connect to 2D games created with the Byond engine. Client have support for Windows when it comes to playing games but it doesn’t really support MacOS or Linux distributions,even going trough process of launching this client in Wine …

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