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By Products Of Winemaking

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Winemaking By-Products Encyclopedia
    Winemaking produces a large quantity of wastes and by-products in a short period of time , corresponding to approximately 30% w/w of the starting grapes , represented by grape pomace, grape seeds, grape stalks, and wine lees as well as wastewater .

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Oenological Applications of Winemaking By-Products ...
    Jan 01, 2017 · Grape marcs, specifically grape skins and seeds, constitute the two most promising winemaking by-products to become oenological additives for improving the chemical composition and sensory attributes of wines.Author: Miguel A. Pedroza, Mª Rosario Salinas, Gonzalo L. Alonso, Amaya Zalacain

Vermicomposting of Winemaking By-Products - ScienceDirect
    Jan 01, 2017 · 3 - Vermicomposting of Winemaking By-Products 3.1. Introduction. Grape is the largest fruit crop in the world and its production is increasing. The respective annual... 3.2. Basis and Principles of Vermicomposting. The processing of organic waste …Cited by: 9

    In fact, winemaking by-products are outstanding sources of oil, phenolic compounds and dietary fibre and possess numerous health benefits and multifunctional characteristics, such as antioxidant, colouring, antimicrobial and texturizing properties.

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