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By Products Of Swine

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By-Products from Pigs - Farm Credit of Virginias
    By-Products from Pigs So many products come from pigs that we really do use everything but the oink! Foot (toes) Dewclaw Cannon Bone Underline Elbow Pocket Jowl Knee Pastern Jaw Head Neck Shoulder Flank Rib Shape Loin or Top Ham Hip Hock • Insecticides • Weed killers • Lubricants • Oil polishes • Rubber • Cosemtics • Antifreeze • Nitroglycerine

The By-Products of Swine by edna4h club - Prezi
    4. WHY KIND OF PIGS DO YOU FIND. ON THE ROAD? -ice cream: gelatin slows melting. -fertilizer: made from swine hair. -low-fat butter: gelatin for texture. -fabric softener: fatty acids* give color. -shampoo: the fatty acids* make it look pearly. -candle: fatty acids* are used to stiffen wax.

Swine Products Merck Animal Health USA
    PROSYSTEM® CE. For use in healthy pregnant swine as an aid in the prevention of enterotoxemia and colibacillosis in their nursing piglets. A purified and adjuvanted product containing E. coli bacterins of four major pilus antigens (K88, K99, F41, 987P) and cell-free C. perfringens type C toxoid. Learn More.

Cattle By-Products - Iowa State University
    products are a daily part of life. Look to see how many of these cattle by-products you use nearly every day! From Fats/Fatty Acids and Protein Meals Candles Linoleum Shoe Cream Cellophane Mouthwash Shaving Cream Ceramics Detergents Soaps Cosmetics Synthetic Rubber Pet Foods Crayons Floor Wax Deodorants Perfumes Toothpaste Insecticides

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