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Brandywine Red Potato Leaf

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Brandywine, Red Potato Leaf A.P. WHALEY, LLC
    Brandywine, Red Potato Leaf Virus tested seed currently unavailable. An Amish heirloom from the 1880’s. Named after the Brandywine River in Chester County, Pennsylvania.Estimated Reading Time: 1 min

Brandywine Red Potato Leaf Tomato – Tomato Growers Supply ...
    This is a version of Brandywine that offers red fruit with luscious old-time, red tomato flavor. Plants have potato-shaped leaves and are extremely productive, bearing long harvests of these 10 to 16 ounce fruit. Heirloom from the late 1800's. Indeterminate. 80 days.

Brandywine Red (Potato Leaf) – Andrews Seed Company
    Brandywine Red (Potato Leaf) $5.25– $89.95 This heirloom tomato introduced in 1885, the Brandywine continues to be a gardener’s favorite for its excellent production, hardiness, and size.

Brandywine Red Potato Leaf Tomato, Brandywine Red Potato ...
    Perfect for sandwiches, salads, and slicing. It is named after the Brandywine River in Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA. This is the potato leaf Brandywine Tomato variety. An …Price: $3.5 - BRANDYWINE RED, POTATO LEAF - Live ...
    BRANDYWINE RED, POTATO LEAF - Very Large Beefsteak; matures red; Potato Leaf; Late Season (80-90 days); heirloom; ; from USA- Pennsylvania; Uses: Fresh Salsas, Prolific, Slicing; Indeterminate; S.lycopersicum. Live Tomato Plant $4.99 Add to Cart - Add to Wish List

Brandywine Red Tomato Plants For Sale Online: Beefsteak ...
    Brandywine Red Tomato Plant ( Potato Leaf ) : Red Brandywine is an Old Amish beefsteak heirloom dating back to 1885. Named after Brandywine Creek in Chester County, PA. Large, vigorous vines produce 8-12 ounce, deep-red fruits in clusters of 4 to 6.

Red Brandywine...potato leaf? -
    The true leaves are just emerging, and it looks to me like these supposedly "red brandywine" seedlings are turning out to be a potato leaf variety. Not likely a cross pollination, because PL is a recessive trait. Not likely stray seed, because all 3 of my potted-up red brandywine seedlings appear to be PL.

Tomato Lycopersicon lycopersicum 'Red Brandywine'
    Red Brandywine does very well for me in terms of production, and is also great tasting. I get fairly uniform, round fruits that are generally 8-12 oz or so. Seed source is important on this one, there is a lot of incorrect seed out there for this variety. Important to note that this variety is Regular Leaf, and not Potato Leaf. A few years ago ...

Potato Leaf Tomato Plants - Why Are There Potato Leaves On ...
    Dec 30, 2020 · Red Brandywine; German Red Strawberry; And the list goes on and on. There are many variations of regular leaf tomato from color differences of green or green/blue hues to width and length of the leaf. ... Potato leaves on tomatoes also tend to have more heft than regular leaf tomatoes and there is some claim that this makes them more resistant ...Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

Brandywine, Red, Landis Valley
    Small (up to 0.370 lb.), consistently spherical, red fruits with excellent flavor: rich, smooth and delicious. Regular leaf, indeterminate vines produce better than most strains of Brandywine; from 85 days. This strain has been preserved for many years by the Landis Museum in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. May be identical to Red Brandywine.

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