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20 Point Scale For Wine

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20-Point Score Sheet San Diego Wine Guru
    PHILOSOPHY ON TASTING – the 20-point UC Davis scale Assume that a wine is perfect is each category and work down in half-point. (.5) increments, rather than starting with... With modern technology, the “look” of a wine is rarely wrong. The obvious aberrations are …

AWS Wine Evaluation Chart
    Oct 21, 2019 · The American Wine Society has created its own 20-point scale for use in evaluating wines. Basically, AWS urges members to evaluate wines at monthly tastings using the following scale: Appearance (3 points) Aroma/Bouquet (6 points)

What are Wine Scores?
    The 20-point scale for wine scoring first emerged in 1959. It was developed purely for academic wine evaluation, by Dr Maynard Amerine of UC Davis' much-respected Viticulture & Enology department. On this original scale, points were attributed for color, aroma and flavor, as well as more technical qualities including the balance of sugars, acids, tannins and volatile acidity.

Wine Rating Guide - GAYOT
    It utilizes a 20-point scale, and reflects only the quality of the wine. • 20 points on our 20-point scale, which we would write as 20/20, represents unattainable perfection which no wine will ever achieve. • Wines rated at 13/20 and up are good, while the very rare wines rated at …

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